Strong and mobile shoulders

In my mat class at the Primrose Hill Library we have been working on shoulder mobility and strength for the past few weeks. Now that we are moving on to our next theme (moving from the centre with the breath) I want to make sure we maintain the gains we made in the shoulder region. Here is a little routine to practise at home. It’s less than 15 minutes, so no excuses! And no excuses even if you haven’t been coming to the mat class – we all need to keep good movement and strength in the upper body…

Before you start grab a small cushion to put between your knees and a stretchy exercise band or a belt/tie for the pulling work.

No excuses x 4!

Last Christmas I put together a 3 part exercise routine for over the holiday period. I’ve added a 4th section, some side-lying work. Each section is only about 10 minutes, so you could do 1 routine a day or go through all 4 in one go (and then feel smug and virtuous…)

For Part 1 you simply need a mat or a space on a rug or carpet.

For Part 2 you need that same mat or carpet space.

For the side lying work you still only need that small space.

For the final part you need a chair or something similar to lean on, and book or block or something similar about 5-10cms high.