Giving your spine a break when sitting

In my last post, Sitting – the New Smoking?, I talked about how to sit well. As I pointed out, the very best thing is to change position as often as you can. Our bodies are not designed to be stationary they way modern life leads us to be. Standing up, moving around, changing your sitting position, these are all really important for keeping the body mobile and healthy. Look back at that post for ideas on how to make changing your position part of your daily routine.

Another good idea is to give your spine some movement in all planes of motion, so a little routine that you can practise in your chair may be helpful. If you are on a train or in a plane you will need to sit towards the front edge of your seat, as the seats are usually in a bucket shape that makes sitting up well virtually impossible. And if you are unsure how to sit well in the first place, look back at Sitting – the New Smoking? for a full explanation.

I have filmed this clip as a little routine to perform all at once, but you could break the exercises up and just do them randomly over the course of your day or your journey – the more frequently the better!