Bunion Busting!

When an area of the body has restricted movement the flow of blood (supplier of nutrition in the form of oxygen), lymph (remover of waste) and electricity (nervous impulse) is restricted, leading to unhealthy tissue with poor cellular regeneration. Many peoples’ toes have dramatically restricted movement, thanks to a lifetime of wearing shoes.

Our toes should be pretty mobile. They are not supposed to be stuck rigidly on the ends of our feet, nor should they sit all bunched together. They should rest comfortably apart and should have movement independent of the rest of the foot and some movement independent of each other.
Yet many people’s toes are almost immobile, and sometimes they are so scrunched up that one toe has to sit on top of another. The big toe is often angled in with a bunion bulging out on the inside of the big toe joint. Not only is this ugly, it can end up being extremely painful. Painful to the point of needing surgery to correct the bone malformation.

Practising a bunion busting routine can stop the rot and perhaps even improve ugly and painful feet…. This is my routine, I aim to practise it every day.

I have also started using CorrectToes toe separators. They are much softer than they look and are comfortable enough to walk around in all day (as long as you have a shoe with a wide toe box). Check out https://correcttoes.com
if you are interested.

Correct Toes

The black bits in between my first and second toes are inserts – you can make the spacer bigger as your toes adapt to their new position.

And speaking of shoes with a wide toe box – are your shoes damaging your toes? Check out my Shoe Rant